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"Getting my brows done by Nefertiti has been a life changing experience. I had hardly any brows and she created something that I couldn't do on my own. The brows are what stand out on a person and she truly made me feel more confident about myself and who I am as a woman. I can go out of the house without makeup and and I still look good because my brows are done. She is a true artist and takes pride in what she does. I'm so grateful I found her."

Elisha-Los Angeles

"I was kind of skeptical at first being a guy and exposing my face on TV that it would look fake or people would know this, but Nefertiti did such an awesome natural job that exceeded my expectations. I only had compliments about how great my eyebrows look and not even an HD camera can tell they are microbladed. Thank you so much Nefertiti!"

Jason-Los Angeles

"Microblading has been a game changer. It's made my day to day beauty ritual low maintenance and simple. Nefertiti is a master at her craft and made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process."

Ikiah-Los Angeles

"So I was a bit hesitant but after seeing Nefertiti's microblading page I knew she did great work. So I booked my appt. I had naturally bushy brows but lacked the arch that I wanted, that I would draw in. Nefertiti was extremely was extremely kind and patient and truly took.the time to truly iundertand the look that I wanted. After the process, when I looked in the mirror I was almost in tears because my eyebrows stayed (not an understatement)! She did such an amazing job I still get compliments til this day, months later! I highly recommend her, you will not be disappointed."

Meron-Los Angeles

"I'm known for my brows, when you have a short natural hair cut, your face is on full display at all times. I'd perfected the art of creating brows with a mechanical pencil, but eventually, even that became too much. I wanted to wake up like this, No work! I watched Nefertiti's work for about a year, stalking her IG page at least once a week. I finally took the plunge, flying from Atlanta to LA. It has been one of my life best decisions! NBQ is friendly, compassionate, professional, answers all your questions & makes you feel at ease about the process. You leave feeling beautiful, and after you go back for the touch-up? Can't tell you anything honey! Automatic DIVA. I'd definitely recommend NBQ (and I have!)"


"For someone who has filled in their brows since they were 15. I could not wait to start this process! Nefertiti takes her craft very seriously. She made sure I was happy with the shape and comfortable before beginning the actual process of m icroblading. I am beyond pleased with the results!"

Nicole-San Diego

"As I get older I notice my brows thinning. I knew I had to do something & a friend recommended microblading. Initially I thought it was old school tattooing, which looks fake, in my opinion. My friend referred me to Nefertiti & our initial meeting was genuine and I felt at ease. An appointment was made immediately. The process wasn't painful & after the first procedure I instantly saw the feather technique in my brows! Looking natural and healthy. I was happy with the first session. Follow up 4-6 weeks later & my brows are still on point moths later. Best decision ever! Girlfriends in Chicago, Atlanta, Orlando, NY, Seattle & Cali are dying to make an appointment with Nefertiti. Hell even my sister wants to do it & she's unassuming (too damn plane)! BEST MICROBLADING LADY EVER! Hands down!!!"

Lynn-Los Angeles


"Microblading was one of the best investments made for my face thus far. Nefertiti was so patient and knowledgeable about the process. I've never been able to achieve the brow look I wanted with products and Nefertiti was able to give me the shape and fullness I had always wished to achieve but never been able to create myself. She insured that I was comfortable as possible throughout the process and was completely professional. Now I have full, natural looking brows that compliment my face shape.Nefertiti's work is like magic and I would and do recommend her to anyone needing brow help."

Lula-Los Angeles

"I met Nefertiti as a make-up and skin care professional. I loved her knowledge of the beauty industry and her eye for detail. I decided to take her up on her offer to try microblading. After numbing the eyebrow area she proceeded with careful and precise measurement. She started the microblading process and in very little time my brows looked shapely and full. She is a skilled and caring professional. She is also an artist and a master at her craft. I would recommend her to anyone considering the treatment."

Daria-Los Angeles

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