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Brow Consultation

The expert advice and discussion of your brow expectation! This complimentary consultation can be scheduled prior to your brow service or on the day of.

Do you have ideas about what you would like your brow outcome to be?

Every client has an expectation for their brows. During this time we will discuss what's best for you and you're eyebrows. The most natural outcome is best. Even if you desire a more full and fluffy brow that can also be done, resulting in a most natural looking brow. 


Brow shape and color is determined by the shape and color of your existing brow. This
will give you the best look to your unique face. Symmetry is then established using a
measuring tool. Brows will then be hand drawn and filled in with a brow pencil. The shape being altered and agreed upon before the initial microblading procedure begins. This will usually take no more than 30 minutes.


This can be life changing. It's for anyone who has brows! Sparse brows, uneven and thin brows, barely there brows which are the most difficult to apply brow makeup to daily. Are you someone that uses eyebrow pencil everyday? It's for you too. 


All options for permanent eyebrow makeup result in a more perfected brow shape no matter what technique is used. This all depends on the look a client wants to achieve as well as what's best for each clients eyebrows. All assessed during the consultation. 

Permanent makeup is not the same as older traditional eyebrow tattoos. The pigments won't turn red, blue or green when fading. The pigments are better formulated and techniques used are much more advanced. With microblading hair strokes are mimicked and done one by one, creating a very natural looking brow. Powder brow gives the look of a soft dust of makeup in the brow with a more perfected shape. Combo brows another option, will give you the best of both worlds. Microblading hair strokes in the front of the eyebrows with powder brow filling in the rest. Microshading is a technique where eyebrows are fully microbladed and a soft shading is applied to areas that have less hair density in between the microbladed hairs.

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